Alpin Climbing Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen is Scandinavia's highest alpine area. It offers endless opportunities for alpine climbing. You can climb in Jotunheimen a lifetime and still not have climbed everything.
From Valdres valley you can go into the Jotunheimen in three places, Via Beitostölen into southeastern side. Via Tyin on the southwest side and through the Upper Årdal toward Hurrungana to get into western Jotunheimen.

At Beitostölen will find famous peaks such as Bitihorn, Tornfindstind, Besshoe and many more. 
If you drive through Tyin you will find Uraniostind and Falketind. 
If you drive through the Upper Årdal you will find StoraSkagedalsmassivet and Austbotenmassivet. 
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The cabin of the band with "Stora Skagadalstinden" in the background