Rock Climing Holjerast

Holjerast, Valdres absolute climbing mecca, Holjerasthas also been awarded as a four star climbing place of international climbing websites. Holjerast has 3 large rocks Tinton, Jarlbergetand Madslangrudberget where Tinton is most well known. Tinton is 55 meters high and some of the routes are two rope lengths. Difficulty from 4-8 +, 77 routs today, but more are coming. Tinton mountain has 4 different walls, in some different directions. Some are imminent so you climb on Tinton even after a rain. Read more in Tinton Climbing guide below.

Jarlbergethas not developed a guide but still have nice routs today which are naturally hedged.

Madslangrudberget has not developed a guide yet but has great potential for good climbing. The mountain is located west of Tinton.