White Water Rafting

The rubber boat front dive under the water and washes over the whole gang in the boat. All paddles to correct the ship's course while the next rapids approaching .... rafting highlight of the spring!

In Valdres is there whitewater rafting for everyone, in different degrees of difficulty. Between Bagn and down in the valley, conditions are you good around springtime for funds to facilitate rafting. A degree of rafting that can handle everyone with wonderful surroundings and nice places to stop and have a picnic.

If you go over to Gudbrandsdalen to Sjoa, you will find one of the best rafting rivers in Norway. Here we vary the level of difficulty according to how far up in the mountains we head to the river. Sjoa is about 2 hours driving from the smelting.

In each inflatable boat are you between 4-8 people. Good conditions for rafting varies widely and quickly. Everything has to do with how much water flowing from the Jotunheimen National Park and further down the river.

Preliminary good seasons are: early May to mid-June and early September to October, between those months are raftingen a bit calmer.

Watch a movie of white water rafting from the area