Frothy water splashed in your face, pushing the paddle with full force backward and control between different islands in the river, while floating along in a valley that looks like a postcard image.

Kayaking or canoeing, there are good opportunities. Up on Vaset area there are canoes and fine local mountain lakes to paddle in at around 900-1000 meters with mountains nearby. Down in the valley Valdres and in the Halling Valley is river route that gets a little wilder especially in the spring when there are much water in the river. But you'll also find calmer paddling outside of Rön in Valdresdalen where there is an archipelago of small islands to paddle around in and sit out on and eat a picnic.

It is also possible to rent kayaks or canoes near the river. Contact us for more info.

Paddling in Valdres or in the Halling valley is something that everyone can do and is a great experience for most people.

Good season for Kayaking are: May to September
For Kayaking with much water are in May, early June is usually best.

Also the opportunity for quiet and beautiful paddling down in Valdres valley
Vasetvattnet also offers canoe rentals right at the water's edge