The time are 10:00, the wind comes from the south-west, the sky is full of clouds comulus, it looks to be a great day for flying. Kl. 11:00 takes the final steps on the basis of the mountain and then carry out a paraglider in one of the blue and you sit back in the harness and only enjoying Norway from above!

Both Hallingdal and Valdresdalen has many popular flight places and known for very good thermal conditions. Here are many different flight clubs, Oslo paragliding club that has chosen to put its standard flight place in Green Valley in Hallingdal.
Within a radius of 45 km from the cabin there at least 10 different take-offs in several wind directions.
Flight clubs arranges courses, competitions and updates a weather prospects and starting locations via their websites, we mention a few below:

Watch a movie of paragliding from the area

Links to different flying clubs and flight place in the area:
Hallingdal Paraglidingklubb

Valdres Paragliding club

Oslo paragliding club

Two steps left to the freedom ..!
Lovely views over Norway!