The fantastic nature, tranquility, stillness ... suddenly a jerk on the rope ... the adrenaline rises got pacifier and it's a really nice mountain trout. Some pacifier later to finish the day with butter fried mountain trout and a cold beer on the terrace of the cabin, people comes back to Vaset to experience the fantastic fishing year after year!

The Vaset Area is known for its fishing and named as one of the best trout waters in Norway. Valdresdalen have about 300 different fishing waters and rivers to offer.
Trout are the fish that dominate, but perch, whitefish and Roye, there is also ample.
It is fished with everything from fly, lure to the mask.

Buy a fishing license for one or more days. Approx price is 130Nok 3 days one person and family short 170Nok for 3 days.

For those really interested in fishing there is also a summer fishing license for fishing in Valdres, the card gives you access to fishing in 70 different small and big waters and rivers by area and is valid from 15 June to 15 September. The cards can be purchased at the tourist office, sports stores, some grocery stores, via SMS and the Internet

Storfjorden fishingwater a nice spring day
Nice trout for dinner