It's a nice autumn day in October, the gun lying on the shoulder and you have a thermos of hot tea in your backpack. You eagerly look forward to the day and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains.

The Vaset Area is an area of 200 000 hectares, and is located at 800-1100 m altitude. Has very diverse vegetation, ranging from forest to balder mountain scenery.
On the whole area offered the unlicensed hunting of grouse and ptarmigan.

It's easy to purchase a hunting license in Joker store located 1400 meters away from the cabin, then you put the gun on the shoulder and walks out of the grounds ... ..

Most common is to shoot the birds with the ball and forward the winter so goes also into skiing and running with a dog.

The area The Vaset Area begins 2km from the smelting.

The season for hunting are from the 15th Sept - March

Black grouse
A good hunting day