It is early morning, the sun has already gone up, you pack your backpack and heading out a tour of the wonderful mountain scenery. You choose the trail that goes up against Gommabu, the landscape varies from forest to mountain scenery, Gommabu consists of a number of stunningly beautiful old log house where there is the opportunity to eat a waffle with jam and cream before you continue your hike.

The hiking on Vaset is grand and amazing, there are a variety of trails to choose from, do not forget your camera.
Beautiful Vaset changes shape according to the seasons and there is always something new to discover.
There are plenty of both cranberries and blueberries in late summer / fall, the wildlife is abundant and magnificent nature. Just pack a backpack with snacks and head out and enjoy. During the summer of colors the whole mountain area purple, blue, yellow and white of the fantastic mountain flowers.

Do not be surprised if you come across a herd of sheep who comes walking in the mountains, they live up here all summer and walks freely. During the winter months they are staying down in the valley.

Some of the farms on the mountain (called Stölar in Norwegian) have smaller farm shops that sell localy produced on the farm such as cheese, sausage, milk, bread and crafts.

If you would not like to go with backpack you can take a cabin tour, which means that you walk from cabin to cabin. Here you can buy a light lunch and waffles and even stay overnight if you wish. Most of these cabins are also open in the winter and then you go touring skis between the cabins instead. These tours are most common in the Jotunheimen area.

Only 50 km from our cabin is Jotunheimen National Park with a wide range of hiking trails. Here you will find Bessereggen which is one of the more well-known hiking trails in Norway.

Tour maps are available for purchase in the store of Vasetcenter.

Very beautiful views Vaset with lovely hiking
Walk up the slope of Vaset against Gomobu ...
Hiking up to the Great Skagadalstinden in Jotunheimen
Plenty of Lingonberry and blueberry throughout the area