Randonne Skiing

You fasten the climbing skins on your skis in the early morning, the snow glistens in the sunshine and you are far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes. Mountain Nature around you is amazing. The ski tour follows the ridge to the top. A hot cup of tea and a sausage sandwich before heading down the mountain in untouched powder snow, it is randonne skiing we are talking about!

Randonne skiing, it is downhill skis with a binding that makes it possible to release the heel for walking up and lock it again when going downhill.
Areas of really nice randonne skiing is Vasetsallmänning where the mountain peaks are round and ski friendly. The southern part is best suited.
Jotunheimen mountain is generally narrower and offers clearly tougher randonne skiing with great opportunities for combined alpine climbing and skiing Randonne.

On the map below you will find the different areas that we recommend for Randonne skiing, and read more in the sidebar on the different areas:

Lovely skiing in the spring sunshine
Go silently in 30 cm freshly fallen powder snow, not bad!
The group on the ride up over the top, the best on the whole day :)!