Rock Climbing

You will get up early in the morning, the sun is shining, there are 600 hundred climbing routes to choose from in the vicinity of an hour's drive from the cabin, just choose one and go.

There are very varied and good climbing in both Valdresdalen and Hemsedal/Hallingdal.
You can climb routs that are 3-4 rope lengths, at 1300meters elevation with views out over beautiful snow-capped mountains. Or go to Hallingdal and climbs up to 8 pitches, also in beautiful surroundings. Another option is Dokka in Valdresdalen, a four star climbing place that has it all. Besides these places there are many other routs to choose from in both valleys, you will find climbing for everyone!
Good season for rock climbing in the area is from May to September

On the map below you will find the different areas that we recommend for Rock Climbing