Alpin Climbing

The snow is knocking under the boots, the sky is blue, the rucksack sits perfectly on your back and the sun fry your face. You go out on a ridge that curves up to the top of the mountain, looking out over one of the world's most beautiful scenery and you say to yourself, it does not get better than this ...!

With Hemsedals whole area to the south, Vaset area just a few kilometers away from cabin and Jotunheimen entrance only 45 minutes drive away so I can probably summarize that it has one of Scandinavia's best alpine areas to choose from. 
The area offers alpine tours from light hiking to tougher alpine climbing with ice climbing, mixed climbing and multi-day tours.

But where to start? An easy way is to ask Nerja-Holidays for advice, or drive up on the panoramic road and simply look out over the Jotunheimen 2000 meters peaks or over Vaset area and just 'pick a number than go for it, the possibilities are enormous.

The season for alpine climbing / ski touring is from December to June. The best weather and the best snow are usually between March and June.

Below you will find the different areas that we recommend for alpine climbing, as well as in the sidebar, we describe the different areas:

Alpine Climbing at it's best!
Mixed Alpin Climbing
The team is on their way back after a lovely day of alpine climbing