Ice Climbing

Ice splashing in the face, ice screws rattling the harness, axes chopped into nice blue ice. You look into the icefall and far in there babbling water, closer to nature than this, you will not, there is ice climbing, we're talking about winter's absolute highlight!

Within a radius of 45 minutes drive from the cabin, you will find world-class ice climbing. Hemsedal in Hallingdal, where ice climbing began once upon a time in the 70s, has become a mecca for ice climbers in Norway. Here one finds ice climbing both in the more alpine style with wide long icefall and difficulty 3-4, while it also offered more difficult icefall free hanging and difficulty 5-6. 
Valdres valley has as many and fine icefall as Hemsedal, but is not as exploited by climbers yet. This means that you can usually climb the icefall you wish without having to wait until someone else is ready climbed. Here you will find everything, the wider ice falls that are more alpine climbing, around Fagernes and the rougher ice falls in Leira, Aurdal and down in Stave Valley. 
Stave Valley is a steep and deep valley with plenty of shade and many smaller waterfalls, a valley with opportunities to improve your ice climbing technique radically.

Good season for ice climbing is: December to April

Click on respective activity areas in the side meny to get more information about each area: 

Activity areas
1. Hallingdal
2. Golsjuvet
3. Hemsedal
4. Gröndalen
5. Vang
6. Fagernes
7. North Side Aurdal, ravine
8. Stave Valley, Reinli
9. Vassfaret
10. Holjerast

Fredrik putting in an ice screw.
Beautiful oppertunitys for ice climbing in the hole area
Three nice ice falls in Hemsedal area