Instructions on Machines in the Apartment Tetuan 49


Note: Always turn off the air-conditioning / heating during the day, never leave the facility on during the day! IMPORTANT!

1. Lift up the remote control 3 cm, press the "MODE" button
2. Press the "MODE" and select “SNOWFLAKE” (air-condition) or just “FAN” (no running noses) or    “SUN” (heating), press the remote control 3 cm down again.
3. Press the "ECO" and then the temperature to 22 degrees. (Never put a lower temperature then you will catch a cold or bad throat the day after)
4. Press the "FAN" button and set on A (Auto)
5. Always close the window and the bedroom door when the Aircondition/Heating is on, the system is only designed to cool or heat the bedroom, not the entire apartment.

Marquis/Awning/Toldo on the terrace

Note: Always roll in the awning when you leave the apartment or in the evening when you go to bed. When it is wind it is not allowed to have the Awning/Toldo out, the wind will destroy it! Tenants who are in the apartment is responsible for buying a new Awning/Toldo if you do not pull it in! IMPORTANT !!!

Washing Machine

Note: Do not forget to turn on the water tap

1. Turn on the water and put in the electrical plug
2. Fill the detergent in compartment number 2
3. Turn the machine on the program "40 degrees Algodon"
4. Press the start button, the machine starts
5. The machine is then ready after 1-2 hours
6. Remove the laundry, hang the washing on the basin on the terrace,
7. Leave the door open for 24 hours after the machine has finished the machine to dry, otherwise it smells bad in the machine.
8. Always pull out the plug and turn off the water after used the Washing machine, IMPORTANT!


Note: Use only dishwasher detergent in tablet form, fill in coarse salt and rinse aid, if necessary

1. Add a machine dishwashing tablet
2. Press the "ON" button
3. Press the "RESET" button 3 seconds select program "ECO"
4. Close the door, then the machine start


Note: Spanish Internet is not the same standard as the Scandinavian Internet, it happens that there is interruption up to 4-5 hours, then usually come again.

1. To connect to the Internet, enter the network "Rabat 16" enter the code that is on the router/confirmation, now internet should work.
2. If it does not work, pull the out the power cable and wait 30 seconds before you plug it in again, this is to reboot the router.
3. If this does not work and internetet have been away longer than 5 hours you can call us at Rockadventure on the telephone number below.
4. For further problems, we have agreements with internet service at Oasis de Capistrano, then you just call to Sanchez Serrano Internet Oasis at the phone number 0034 674 748 492 Alt. 0034 663 975 694. He will then come out to the apartment and fix the internet.

If there is any problem, please call 0046-709-212739 to Fredrik and Ulrika and we will help you!