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Road to Vaset is fast and easy, highway to Oslo and then it's the main road E16 up to Fagernes, the road is well maintained in the winter time. It's asphalt road all the way except the last 200 m.

Route Description Car:
Drive out on the E6 and follow it up to Oslo. When you approach Oslo you choose the center of Oslo to Drammen. Drive through the large tunnel that runs throughout downtown Oslo and follow highway 16 km through Oslo until you see a sign E16 towards Bergen / Hönefoss, you choose this route. Then you follow the signs to Hönefoss. When you have passed Hönefoss you will come to a roundabout where you select E16 towards Fagernes.

When you come into Fagernes drive straight through and continue for approximately 9 km towards Vang, then you will come to a village Ulnes and here you see Ulnes Church on your left. At the same time, you have a sign in front of you that says "Panorama vägen" to the left, where you turn left. Following the signs "Panaramavägen" up the mountain about 5 km. When you come to a small business with a troll on the lawn, you are close. 300 meters after the troll so you have 1 piece of 60 road signs in front of you. Just before the 60 sign, turn left down on the small dirt road, which also has an orange cabin on the left side. Drive 200 meters on the small gravel road and you see the cottage on your left side. You see here two similar cottages, please note that our cabin is the one on the bottom right, you drive straight past our cabin then turn left and drive up the driveway and then you have the cottage in front of you.

Possible to fly to Fagernes:
You can also fly to Oslo Airport and take the Valdresbus up to Fagernes or takes a domestic flight to Fagernes Airport, from here it is only 20 km to the cottage, which operated with bus and taxi from the airport or bus station in Fagernes.

Helsingborg - Vaset is 700 Km
Loddekopinge - Vaset is 740 Km
Oslo - Vaset is 190 Km
Fagernes - Vaset 17 Km

Things to consider:
Do not forget to take with NOK 150 for road barriers
Do not forget speed cameras !!!
Do not forget the snow chains !!!

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