Directions & Transport to Apartment

Nerja is approximately 55 km from Malaga airport (45 min drive)

Means of Transportation

1.  Hire Car:
You take the easiest way to the apartment by renting a car at Malaga Airport, then you also get the most out of your vacation. The roads are good and meet European standards. The best way is to book the car from home via the Internet, Ex Hertz, Avis and Europcar are major players in Malaga Airport, We can also recommend located 5 minutes from the airport and offers a service to pick up and drop at the airport.
2. Taxi:
If you choose to go by taxi from Malaga Airport to Nerja, it will cost you approximately 65-75 euros each way, It is an advantage to book from home before departure. We can here recommend the taxi company or 

3.  Bus:
If you want to go by bus to Nerja, take the first shuttle bus from the airport to Malaga bus terminal. At the bus terminal you go to the ALSA counter and buy tickets to Nerja. The buses usually go from stop 38 Timetables are available here.

Apartment Address:
Calle Rabat 16
Oasis de Capistrano
29780 Nerja

Road Directions to the Apartment from Malaga Airport

Directions from Malaga airport to the apartment at the address Rabat 16, Nerja.

1. You drive from Malaga Airport and on the highway E-15 in the direction of Almeria, Motril. Here follow the signs through the entire Malaga, you now have a 45-minute drive to Nerja

2. When you see the first signs "Nerja" ait to turn off the highway until the last exit, you shall turn of at exit 295.
Here, you follow the sign "Nerja".

3. You arrive in Nerja and the first roundabout in Nerja, on your left side you see the Oasis de Capistrano area(signposted). Here, you drive 300 degrees around in the roundabout and follow the signs Oasis de Capsitrano.

4. You will now enter the Oasis de Capistrano area, this road is one-way and shaped like a horseshoe (starts with the Taxi zone 5 and go to the Taxi zone 1). You follow the road through the entire horseshoe first down the hill and then up the hill back to the taxi zone 1 and going up the hill on your right you will see clearly now the apartment, you will also see a sign with the number 16 over the terrace door.

5. You park your car in the "Taxi zone 1", from here you can see a staircase down on your right, follow this down and then take the first right. Follow the path and then turn left, then you have the apartment straight ahead. You find a key safe to the left of the terrace door. This you open with your four-digit code that you received in the booking confirmation.

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