Car Rental

When you are going on a holiday to Nerja we can recommend that you hire a car to get the most out of your holiday. When you are going to rent a car we can recommend two options:

Option 1 Malaga Car. You can choose Malaga Car. They have in general a lower price image but has a slightly higher deductible on the insurance and is 3 minutes drive from Malaga airport. They pick you up at the airport in a shuttle bus, and when you leave the car with them, they drive you back to the airport with their shuttle bus. They have mostly new and nice cars and plenty to choose from at great prices.

How it works to hire Malaga Car:
1. You book the car on their website home (in good advance in the high season)
2. When you arrive Malaga airport and goes out into the arrival hall you will see a person in orange T-shirt that leaves a ticket to you and you will then go out to their pick-up for their shuttle bus, they pick you up every 15 minutes.
3. You come to Malaga Car and here you have a your passport, flight ticket, driving license and credit card (you pay here a refundable deposit of 1000 Euro on the car)
4. You pick up the car and the car has a half-full tank (and then you leave the car empty) and drive to Nerja
5. When you are going home, you will leave the car back in the same place at Malaga car and they drive you then with there shuttle bus to the departure hall at Malaga Airport.

Option 2 Avis, Hertz, Europcar. You choose one of the well known car rental companies, they are located at Malaga Airport and have their car garage inside the airport. They generally have a higher price but a lower deductible on the insurance. It works like this:

1. You book the car on their website from home.
2. As soon as you have collected your luggage at Malaga Airport you follow the green arrows on the floor, "Rent a Car" and goes directly down to the Rent a Car department.
3. You pick your car up from their garage at the airport.
4. You leave the car back to the same garage when you are going home.