Mountainbiking in Nerja region has much to offer. Here is some form of cycling for all levels of difficulty. We show below some different places for mountianbiking but there are many more of course.

We recommend that our guests to contact X-Bikes in Nerja, here you can rent your mountain bike for a day or for the whole week. The owner of this shop has many of tips to different mountain bike tours of different difficulty levels and places, here is to do for several weeks without biking the same track two times.

When you want to cycle in the higher mountains you can rent also a bike rack and take their bikes to the Sierra Nevada mountains, which also offers something for everybody, but it can also satisfy even the most demanding cyclist here, very nice biking. X-Bikes give you different biking tips after your experience.

View Mountain Biking movies from Nerja area and the Sierra Nevada


X-Bikes in Nerja to rent a bike and get turtips.

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Mountianbiking at 2500-3100 m elevation in the Sierra Nevada
Nice Single Tracks in the Sierra Nevada!
Good mountainbiking all year round, take the opportunity to run when it's snowing back home!